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Meta Tech Podcast

Aug 30, 2023

For episode 55, Pascal speaks with Katherine and returning guest Dustin, two software engineers at Meta about how to ship code at Meta. Why do we have a monorepo? Why and how do we do pre-commit code review? What does our CI infrastructure look like? Get the answers to these questions and many more in this episode of the Meta Tech Podcast.

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  • Intro 0:06

  • Intro Katherine 1:55

  • Dustin's Origin Story 4:38

  • Topic Intro 6:28

  • Why Monorepo(s) 7:18

  • What Makes Monorepos Hard? 12:15

  • Why do we Have so Many Files? 17:31

  • Who Owns Stuff? 25:29

  • Life of a Diff 28:58

  • Writing Bots Writing Code Writing Bots 34:16

  • Finding Reviewers 38:46

  • Why Are Things Not Constantly on Fire? 41:43

  • Outro 47:47

  • Outtakes 48:46